Review of Like A Sister

Like many folks, I love a good who doneit. The keep you on your toes, page turner type of book. Karin Slaughter and Nora Roberts- writing as J.D. Robb- are my favorite go to authors when it comes to this genre. I’ve been dying to find a black mystery author in that same realm. Ya’ll this book……. aint it.

It wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t great.

The book is about Lena, a college student who happens to be the unknown, unseen daughter of a rap mogul. Lena has a half-sister Desiree a disgraced reality star and former drug addict, who is found dead in a playground. Cops assume its a drug overdose, but Lena isn’t buying it. She knows her sister, even thought they haven’t spoken in two years. Lena wants to find out what happen to her sister and sets out on a mission to find out.

Along for the investigation ride is Erin, who was Desiree’s new best friend. As the two investigates Desiree’s death, Lena isn’t sure who she can trust.

I don’t know how to really explain it, but this book just didn’t do it for me. Maybe it was the over use of similes, or the over use of the word “shitnuts”. I wasn’t invested in the characters at all. If any of them had dropped dead I wouldn’t have cared at all. Lena was boring, she lived with her Auntie E, who was her grandmothers secretly lover or something like that. Lena had no friends of her own, no life, just school and her bike. She was a boring character, who outside of her sister dying, had a boring life. There was not one character I liked or cared about in this book. Not even the dead sister.

There were a lot of plot twist, you really didn’t know who did it. The problem was that a lot of the things that came up, had absolutely nothing to do with the murder. I’m use to a book like this, tying all the random things together at the end and making go “oh shit how did I miss that?” That didn’t happen here. When I found out who the killer was I was like “really? That’s stupid.”

Its like the book tried to smash all the current pop culture things into this book. Reality star, Instagram, Google Search, Black Lives Matter, Rap. But it just did feel authentic to me. I finished it, but barely remember most of the characters name at this point.

Its a 2 1/2 stars for me.


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