Coming Soon! City of Secrets: Seneca City Series Book 1

Everybody Has Secrets

Welcome to Seneca City, the most affluent African-American city in America. When race is no longer a factor what issue will the black residents of Seneca City still face; When poverty and racism are no longer a problem? What trouble will the residents tumble into?

Detective Xeric Armstrong is charged with finding out the person responsible for beating and murdering eighteen-year-old Zalinia Bradford. Between his parents and work, Xeric already has enough on his plate. Entertaining the department’s newest eccentric legal psychologist isn’t on his to-do list. At least that’s what he tells himself.

When Solana Santiago moved back to Seneca City, she just wanted to be closer to her family. What she didn’t count on was her sudden and strong attraction to Detective Armstrong. An attraction that grows stronger as work to solve the case. A case that, once solved, is guaranteed to rock Seneca City.

Story Behind Seneca City

Story Behind Senecaville 

Senecaville is a fictional city in Ohio, based on the formal real city of Seneca Village in New York. Just like in the book Seneca Village was founded by free blacks in 1825. A white farmer named John Whitehead began selling small pieces of his land. One day he sold land to a 25-year-old black man named Andrew Williams and Epiphany Davis, a trustee to the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. These two men would later create the New York African Society for Mutual Relief. When slavery became illegal in New York, more back began buying land and settling in the area. After the Great Famine hit Ireland, many Irish Immigrants settled in Seneca. By 1855 there were at least 52 homes in Seneca Village, many were owned by black residents. In 1840 the rich upper-class residents of New York began calling for a large park to be built. By 1853 the Central Park Commission started conducting property assessments on the homes in Seneca Village. The assessments were submitted to the courts, and black homeowners were underpaid for their property. In all about 300 residents were displaced from their homes. Seneca City is an homage to cities such as Seneca, Tulsa, Rosewood, Colfax, Wilmington, and many many more.


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