The Honorable Judge Jackson

(Photo by Kevin Lamarque-Pool/Getty Images)

On January 26, in the year of Blue Ivy ‘s 2022, Justice Stephen Breyer caused legal minds yank their selves always from stale legal briefs and relentless recycled legal speculations on former President Donald Trump’s. On that day, Justice Breyer announced he would retire from the Supreme Court.

“What in the Ronald Regan?” the conservatives gasp while clutching their expensive pearls. “Say it ain’t so.”

After the announcement, conservatives lost their minds and memories. Forgetting what they did to Merrick Garland or the fact they’d already filled the court with two extremely conservatives in the past four years.

It wasn’t just that liberals could get a left leaning judge on the supreme court, no; it was the fact that President Joe Biden had promised that the nomination would go to a black woman.

Best believe the conservatives doubting her credentials, before we even know who she was. They were like “Oh she’s going to be black? Well, I hope she’d qualified.” Like Biden was going to go on the streets of DC and pick any random black woman. Like there, President Biden was going to find a hard time finding a black woman who would be qualified for the Supreme Court. And like whoever he picks, wouldn’t be more qualified than the Orange Baby they want back as President.

But, chile, when I tell ya’ll, President Biden picked a good one. The woman is so good, the only thing the racist white can try to attack her on is the possibility that her’ “LSAT” scores -yes, her law school entrance exam-may not be high.

Let me pour a little tea about Judge Jackson. Kentanji Onyika Brown was born and raised in Washington, DC, born to two HBCU graduates. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a principal. Her family then moved to Miami, Florida. Kentanji studied government at Harvard University, graduating with an AB magna Cum Laude, meaning she fell between 5% and 15% in her class standing. Judge Jackson title senior thesis “The Hand of Oppression: Plea Bargaining Processes and the Coercion of Criminal Defendants.” Yeap, I can already see why they not go like her.

After graduation she then went on to Harvard Law School, where she became the supervising editor of the Harvard Law Review, (Yes, that’s a big ass deal). In 1996 she graduated with her Juris Doctor, this time snagging the cum laude title (20% and 30% class standing).

Kentanji worked as vice chair of the United States Sentencing Commission, where she retroactively amending the guideline ranged for crack cocaine offenses. As federal public defender, she often won unlikely cases against the government and reducing lengthy prison terms. She even law clerked for the very justice she is replacing.

In 2012, President Obama nominated Jackson to the District Court for the District of Columbia and they confirmed her on March 22, 2013. On March 2021, she was nominated by President Biden to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and confirmed 53-44.

That’s not all. Judge Jackson is married to Patrick G. Jackson, a gastrointestinal surgeon and fellow Harvard Alumni. Patrick went to medical school at Columbia. And just in case you were wondering, yes, he is white. But that’s not the good part y’all. Dr. Jackson’s family history is that of a Boston Brahmin. Now you may ask, what the hell does that mean? No worries, I’m going to tell you.

A Boston Brahmin, also known as the Boston Elites, is a group of upper-class families. They are decedents of the earliest colonizers, oops I mean colonist. We talking old money, old connections, and old ass white men. Patrick’s family are direct descendants of Jonathan Jackson, a delegate to the Continental Congress. Must be nice being able to trace your roots so far back

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