Seven Days in June Book Review

There is something to be said about experiencing your first love. A love so sweet, innocent. Well, this aint that type of book. Seven Days in June by Tia Williams explores rather or not people truly can change, does love really endure? Can you really get that old thang back?

The story revolves around Eve Mercy, a famous erotic writer, who is also a single mother. Eve suffers from debilitating chronic migraines that often leave her in tears and struggling to get through the day.

The reader is taken on a journey as we see Eve juggling the woes of motherhood, her career, and her medical condition. Then one night she is blindsided by the appearance of Shane Hall, an award-winning literary author, and the man who shattered her teenage heart.

For the next seven days, they attempt to navigate their way back to that special place, unearthing the truth about what really happened to them.

Now if you know me, you know I love when writers create imperfect characters. It makes them relatable. As an older adult, I want to read about characters finding love at my age, with my type of problems. Teenage children, divorce, medical problems. Real shit. Kind of makes us regular people feel like there is still a chance. Following Eve on her daily struggles to keep it all together, to hear how her childhood was shaped by a parent struggling with their own mental health, the fear of being molested by one of her mother’s boyfriends, only to grow up and be okay -well as okay as the rest of us – was extremely emotional and so relatable.

Williams’ depiction of Shane Hall was outstanding as well. A black man using literally art to express the emotions he’s built up over the years. Shane seems put together, but echo’s of his past still haunt him. Yes, his successful, but still mentors youth as a way of redeeming himself. Can a person really every change?

This book was pretty good, I really liked it and would def recommend it.

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